Must Read Of The Month: May 2017

Brendon is one pumped up guy! You can watch his free videos on YouTube – they cover everything from how to get motivated, to how to attract more love.  Some people think he is too much – too enthusiastic, too motivated, too hyped up.  I like him. I like his energy and his positivity.  I get the feeling he is genuine about wanting to help people and that he lives his life as he appears on video, that it’s not an act.  A couple of years ago I started reading one of his books, called “The Charge.” I loved what I read but I never finished it. (One of my bad habits is having too many books going at once instead of finishing one at a time. Anyone else?)  I recently picked it up again and was reminded how much good stuff there is in it. He asks you whether you are living a caged, comfortable or charged life and then outlines ten drives that make you feel alive (i.e. more ‘charged’).  There are questions and exercises at the end of each chapter that make it easy to implement the ideas he shares.  Pick it up or listen to it on audio and let me know how you like it.

The Charge by Brendan Burchard

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