Psychotherapist + Top Sales Producer + Shaker Upper


Your people are experiencing stress, change and overwhelm. I get it and I have fresh solutions that really work! The first 13 years of my career were spent in a psychotherapist’s office. No, not on the couch (although I’ve done plenty of that too)! But running a successful private practice, counseling employees of Fortune 500 companies.

From the CEO to the housekeeping staff, anyone could book a confidential session with me as part of their health benefits. You can imagine the stories that were shared. Truly, I’ve heard it all! As I listened to corporate America share its stress, frustrations and challenges, I developed simple and powerful systems to help employees achieve more with less.

Less time. Less stress. Less burnout. Less days of heading to happy hour at 3:00pm because work is crazy.

Years later, after closing the door on my practice, I jumped into the wonderful world of sales. Quickly, I learned how to close the deal and became a top producer receiving 5 star ratings (that’s 5 out of 5, not 10!) every year for customer satisfaction and negotiation. Even more importantly, I experienced first-hand all of the internal challenges we bump-up against in business. As a result, today I teach people from relevant, real life experience, not just theory.

A company can invest in all the leadership and sales training in the world, but ultimately, it is our personal blind spots with communication, mindset and self-confidence that will get in the way of best results. The problems and the solutions are internal, not external.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to teach your organization how to improve the bottom line from the inside out? Give them a game changing experience with lasting results. The first step is a quick phone call so that I can understand the goals for your upcoming event, and together we can come up with a customized program to create change within your organization.